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مصنوعة يدوياً في ألمانيا

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A classical elegant timepiece that will impress anyone. The design of the Made in Germany Melbourne Theorema model is very delightful. The essential beauty of this watch, and its minimalist design make for an amazing collection.

  • Mechanic 17 rubies
  • Engraved dial
  • Mechanical open back
  • Genuine leather
  • المزيد

يتم شحن جميع الطلبات مباشرة من الشركة المصنعة خلال 24 ساعة بعد الشراء، باستثناء أيام نهاية الأسبوع. نحن نقوم بالشحن إلى جميع أنحاء العالم، ولكن الشحن المجاني لا يطبق في جميع الدول. يستغرق الشحن القياسي المجاني من 7 إلى 14 يوم عمل. أما أولوية الشحن السريع فتستغرق من 2 إلى 4 أيام عمل

Flag of Germany

صناعة ألمانية

مصنوعة يدوياً

ضمان سنتين

كمية محدودة

The Melbourne is full of character; it needs a person with a strong personality. A spectacular dial engraved and nicely finished. A mix between Breguet and diamond hands. The case is neatly constructed and nicely built. Turn the watch around to marvel at the open back with its brushed mechanism.


With attention, planning, and careful execution; hundreds of little parts come together to make each timepiece a scientific marvel, as well as a work of art. One could not mistake the singular modernity of our products - the German standards of manufacture, production, and style motivate the Tufina's aesthetic. From the precision of our sketches, the meticulous detail of our watches, and the quality of our skeletal mechanisms, we’re building our practice on a long-renowned set of engineering standards from this part of Europe.


Reference GM-124-2
Case High-grade stainless steel (316 L)
Ion Plating With 5 micron
Dimension Size approx. 43mm without crown
Dial Engraved
Sub-dial Seconds
Movement Mechanic with 17 jewels 
Lens Sapphire Coated
Clasp Standard buckle
Band Genuine leather
Warranty 2-year warranty
Water-Resistant 3 ATM
Brand Theorema
Manufactured Made in Germany
Packaging Original Theorema box
Included Manual, warranty & Tufina future $50 gift card

عبوة حصرية

A carefully crafted home for a must have watch. The package is an integral part of the product. Luxury is synonymous with exclusivity. Our goal is to create suspense and maximum satisfaction when the customer unboxes their purchase.



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